What is the Significance of Featured Snippet in Digital Marketing 2020?

Featured Snippet is the succinct summary that aims to answer the search queries of online users without having to click on specific results on search result pages. The summary or answer is chosen from top-ranking pages on search results and displayed on blocks below paid ads and above first organic results. The Featured Snippet appearing above the organic search results is referred to as “Zero Position” or “Position 0”.

Featured Snippets are known as the answer box in common terms as they aim to answer the queries of online users instantly in four common formats. Featured Snippets play a pivotal role in digital marketing, and the best SEO company in Gurgaon uses Featured Snippet for enhancing brand visibility and web traffic. Let us look at the significance of Featured Snippets in digital marketing and the different types of Featured Snippets used in digital marketing.

Different Types of Featured Snippets Used in Digital Marketing 2020

Four important Featured Snippets are displayed today on SERPs – text Featured Snippet, video Featured Snippet, list Featured Snippet and table Featured Snippet.

• Text Featured Snippet – It is the type of snippet that offers answers to any queries in a text-based format. For some queries, you will see text Featured Snippet along with images.

• Video Featured Snippet – It is the snippet that appears on search results when a question is asked, and it is displayed in video format. If Google thinks the right answer can be provided via videos, then Video Featured Snippet is displayed instead of text Featured Snippet for that specific question.

• List Featured Snippet – The list snippet usually represents itself in two different types – the numbered list and bulleted list, according to the search query.

• Table Featured Snippet – The table Featured Snippet usually answers the queries in a table format representing the answer in data points.
Significance of Featured Snippet in Digital Marketing 2020

Featured Snippets are highly appreciated and preferred by the online users in 2020 when looking for answers to any search queries. Moreover, the click-through rate of the snippets is very high, and it serves as proof that it has great significance in digital marketing 2020. By including Featured Snippet into existing digital marketing strategy, businesses can grow their services and sales in 2020, while strengthening their brand visibility.

Increase Web Traffic

Since Featured Snippet offers faster answers to queries, it minimizes the hassles of clicking into links of top organic results and scouting for the right answers. It also helps in maximizing click-through rates, which heightens your website’s web traffic. Integrating Featured Snippet into your marketing strategy will show you the difference between the increases in the number of visitors to your site.
Higher Conversion Rates

The one thing that every online venture looks for is to achieve a higher conversion as per target. Including Featured Snippet in digital marketing strategy in 2020 would surely increase the organic conversion rates. If you manage to answer the search queries of prospects, it would have a higher influence on their decision-making, which will offer optimal results and heighten conversion rates.

Enhance the Brand Awareness

Well-presented and uniquely written content is always appreciated and praised by Google, and it highlights your content on top of the search results. If Google considers your content, it will be featured on organic search results as Featured Snippet. It will help your website record incredible web traffic, which will heighten your brand awareness significantly.

Boosting Brand Authority

There are several factors considered by Google when giving scores for the best website authority. This includes,

• Backlinks of website
• Time spent on the website
• Click-through rates
• The number of web visits.

All these factors can be improved using Featured Snippet, and this, in turn, will help you to have better website authority scores.

Increasing the Keyword Ranking

The entire concept of using Featured Snippet in digital marketing has many interlinked advantages. As the website authority increases, it will trigger the enhancement of keyword ranking, which will improvise the overall business visibility.

Helps Small Website to Compete the Giants

Featured Snippets are usually chosen from top rankings on SERPs. It allows the small website with well-presented content and place at the bottom of the first page to jump to the top of SERP and boost the CTR by 8%. So, with proper Featured Snippet and unique content, small websites can now easily compete the big Giants online and secure top ranking.

Optimization of Featured Snippet in 2020

As mentioned, Featured Snippets are chosen from the top ranking websites on SERPs. So, you must optimize your website to secure ranking on the top 10 results of SERPs. Plus, you need to understand different types of Featured Snippets to know how to effectively feature snippets for better results.

You may seek the help of agencies offering SEO services in India to design and feature snippets. Companies are using structured data mark-up to help Google understand the website better, and this can even help boost the ranking, which will help you feature on Featured Snippet. Regardless of the strategy you opt for, it would be best to always use simple and easy language while answering the queries. It needs to be precise and concise and must be of 50-60 words.

Apart from using long-tail keywords in content, it would be best if you focus on using quality images with the best alt text to get easily featured in snippets. Using H2 and H3 tags also help Google to understand the content. It will also support you in ranking higher in the list type Featured Snippet for the online query.


Featured Snippet can prove to be a jackpot for digital marketers when it comes to increasing web traffic. But proper optimization is needed for your website according to the needs of the online users. The interesting part is that you don’t need to be in the top position to be on Featured Snippet. Google never maintains the same results in position zero for a longer period, and optimization of content is crucial, especially if you want to rank in top position in SERP.

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