Predictions Made about Digital Marketing Trends 2023

It has been seen that digital marketing trends are one of the most explored topics online. This means that various online marketers are trying to think how to advance these digital marketing trends and aligning the content with it. Digital marketing has grown its roots in almost all spheres whether it is a business sphere or an educational sphere. Big Business Organizations are making use of the digital marketing tools to promote and sell their goods and services and even in the educational world, digital marketing is very beneficial for getting any kind of academic help for example – availing assignment help online.

As it is proving extremely benignant to the society and the business world, the experts are working on advancing the digital marketing tools in the coming future. Here are some predictions made about the digital marketing trends that are expected to come true by 2022.

The time to come is Digital in future

It has been estimated that till 2023, most of the business setups will use the funds from the traditional marketing sources and till 2022 about 89% of the marketing of budget of many companies will change to digital.

Voice Commerce Sales

Voice search is expected to increase heavily by 2023. Voice commerce sales are predicted to reach at 40 billion dollars by the end of 2022 in the United States alone.

Hyper-Targeted marketing

Targeted marketing is becoming a very important phenomenon these days because people feel assaulted on getting useless ads again and again. But since the users only like to see the adds that only cater to their needs so, by 2023 people will be looking for the Hyper-targeting marketing strategy.

Locomotive and mobile marketing

As it has been witnessed that people have switched from using the PCs and laptops to mobiles for doing any kind of online activity, so it has been estimated that soon the people will be using their mobiles for the digital marketing of their products. Mobile concentration has been estimated to up to 65 billion dollars by 2022.

Content Selling by 2023

About 93% of the B2B companies are running with the help of content marketing and soon this is going to change. The companies are going to focus on content marketing to sell its products in the future, the process is called as Content selling.

Larger influence of AI

It has been estimated that by the year 2023 that the companies will be making use of machines and artificial intelligence to help their customers and to have better customer satisfaction.

One-stop solution to the technological problems

By the year 2023, the companies will provide one-stop solution to their technical problems. In the present era, the companies are using around 91 marketing cloud services, but this is going to be changed soon.

Social media will lose its credibility

It has been expected that the social media will soon lose its popularity among the users as it has created so many technical problems as well as multiple scandals. As a result, it has hacked most of the data and privacy of the users. By the year 2023, it is believed that users will shift to email and public relations for marketing purpose.

Just-in-time Marketing strategy

The customers often feel bombarded by the ads that are shown repeatedly in the marketing campaigns. So, they always expect that these ads will be shown according to their respective interests only. About 40% of the companies are using this Just-in-time Marketing strategy which has generated 25% more revenue to most of the companies. Therefore, all the companies will follow the same lead and will shift to just-in-time marketing strategy of the brand.

No more Blind Marketing

By 2023, it is estimated that the people will rely more on the facts and analytics of the brand, so there will be no blind marketing chance in the future.

Marketing personalization

Companies will look for more personalized content by 2023 and it is estimated that by 2021, companies will be practicing the marketing personalization for better output.


Marketing automation is next in line. All the marketing will be done via automation or with the help of machines. A survey has been conducted about the automation which said that about 29.5% of the marketers feel that they will benefit to a larger extent in respect to sales and profit by 2023 with the help of automation.


By the year 2020, about 40% of the customers will belong to Generation Z which means that the company will be having diverse and advanced customers. That is why it is said that the coming future will be all digital and world of bloggers, vloggers where marketing companies will see a rise.

Data Breach and Confidentiality

As it is expected that the coming future is completely digital, then obviously all the people of generation Z will be conscious about the privacy and confidentiality clauses. This is the reason why customers use the brands that assures complete transparency.

Investments on the rise

As per statistics shown by CMO, about 87 % of the aggregate marketing budgets will be going to become digital by the year 2022.

New Marketing Jobs on the rise

The company will receive enormous chunks of data which will have to be critically analyzed by the Market Research Analysts. So there is an expectancy of rise in job demand of Market Research Analysts by the year 2023.

Augmented Reality Content

Apple has AR Kit, Facebook has AR Studio and big brands like Pepsi and Sephora have used massive AR content campaigns. So, AR content is surely going to develop its roots by 2023.

More videos

The popularity of video content will flourish massively by 2023 as estimated. It has now been estimated that 72% of the startups has been improved with the help of videos. The video content will become more friendly and promotional by 2023.

Quality over quantity

There is a huge content available online like numerous blog posts, podcasts, images and many more. But the thing is that people focus more on watching the quality content rather than reading. So, the marketers will be focusing more on the quality of the content rather than the quantity by 2023.

So, everything is being run via Digital Marketing and the coming world is an automated world. Hence, it is expected that these advancements will soon be crawling up in the future which will affect the business markets both in the positive and negative way.

Author Bio: I, William Lucas, a competent content writer, loves to write articles and blogs on different topics. I also work for providing assignment help to scholars in Australia. I love traveling and love dogs and a firm believer in helping the people.

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