Benefits of Keywords with No-to-Low Monthly Search Volume

Nowadays, effective keyword research is emerging as an immensely important skill for online marketers. They need to know how to prepare an effectual keyword list for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC. Moreover, the smart online marketers will utilize the keyword research to explore topics they should write for grabbing maximum attention of their potential readers.

As you are reading this blog, it is safe to assume that you are already aware of the importance of keyword research. Some keywords may do well while some may fail to hit the jackpot of profit for your business. Now you might be wondering why some keywords perform better than others! The answer is simple. Different types of keywords imply a different set of interests and intent level. You should pick a group of keywords that is suitable for your target audience. These days, every reputed SEO services company is inclining towards no-to-low monthly search volumes. In this blog, we will discuss why you should target keywords having under 100 search volumes for driving targeted traffic and more leads to your business website.

SEO experts have always considered a combination of high-volume, high converting, and low competition keywords to be the best bet for an SEO campaign. Keywords having a high search with low competition are an apple of the eye to the marketer. That’s why the experts often overlook low volume keywords (keywords having 250 searches per month). Don’t you think the experts are losing organic traffic and lead this way? Yes! They are missing some good opportunities for driving potential traffic. If you too are doing the same, it’s time for rectification.

Benefits of Low Search Volume Keywords

Keywords having low search volume can add high value to your SEO campaigns. These keywords provide you with an opportunity to target words and phrases, which are highly relevant to your target audience. Your competitors are not likely to focus on such keywords. This is another benefit for you.

Listed below are some major benefits of low volume keywords:

Super Relevancy- In most cases, long-tail keywords are low volume keywords, which are highly relevant to your target audience. When you will optimize your content with these keywords, the chances of user conversion will be greater.

Power of Building Interest- Low volume keywords endow you with opportunities that grow interest in a small or new group of the target audience.

Great Return on Investment-You would be surprised to learn that even the lowest volume keywords are able to drive conversations that surpass the cost of the content.

Diversity- You can rank your content from widely varied low-volume keywords for increasing your potential traffic.

Commercial Leverages- You can focus on those keywords, which are able to bring in visitors, ready to buy immediately.

See, how many benefits you could be missing out by overlooking the keywords having low search volumes. In the next section, we are going to discuss the five most effective tips on how to target low volume keywords while planning for your SEO strategy.

How to Reap all the Benefits of Low Search Volume Keywords

While you are going to include low volume keywords in your list, you should not expect all low volume keywords to be equal. Even a low volume keyword may not be of any value. Therefore, you should be selective about choosing keywords, which are worth your effort.

Let’s peep into some effective tips that can help you select low volume keywords:

1. Identify Low-Hanging Keywords

When you start the keyword research, there is a chance that you already have a list of words and phrases that you want to use. You may explore that a few of these keywords are not getting a satisfying search volume. Well, before giving up on the entire list, you should have a look at the keywords, which have 0-20 searches per month. It will help you to identify the low-hanging keywords. This phrase “low hanging keywords” refers to the keywords that can help you get an impressive ranking with a little effort. The best thing is -low-hanging keywords are less risky. For these keywords, even one conversion would be enough to cover the whole cost of content development and optimization.

These keywords are relevant to the target audience and have low competition. Moreover, these keywords can show you a user’s intent to purchase or sign up.

2. Hit at Keywords Relevant to your Target Audience

Relevancy is of utmost importance whenever it comes to a successful SEO campaign. If you are picking keywords having high search volume and low competition but these keywords are meeting your expectation, then these keywords might not be relevant to your keywords. You must pick keywords, which represent the interest and intent level of your target audience in particular. If a keyword or key-phrase has low search volume but defines your business in the best way, you must select such keyword. You may choose a keyword that only has 60 searches per month. It would be easier to rank. Since it gets only a few visitors per month, there are chances that all visitors would move through the funnel.

3. Focus on Buying Keywords

Identifying a keyword that is related to the interest of your target audience is a wise decision an affordable SEO company could have ever taken. Even it would be better to find out a keyword that appeals to the users and make them put their hands on their wallets. While choosing low volume keywords, you need to focus on the keywords, which match a buying intent. Such keywords include some qualifiers, such as “where to buy…”, “best offers…”, “affordable…”, “cheapest…” etc. These qualifiers will tell you that your users are looking for the right option and price and they want to learn about such information before making purchasing your products or employing your services.

4. Look for a Wide Variety of Low Volume terms

You are able to rank your website for numerous low volume keywords with a single content. By implementing many variations of the same term, you will be able to boost your organic traffic. If you come up with a solid money keyword along with its relevant variations, you will be able to generate some rock-solid results from a single content.

If your focused keyword is getting only 20 searches per month, it does not mean that your valuable organic traffic will stop there. By exploring a variety of keywords, you will be able to multiply the amount of traffic you are driving right now. Any experienced SEO services company will suggest you consider a wide variety of your chosen low volume keywords.

A Final Takeaway

After going through this blog, now you know that running after low volume keywords is not wastage of time and money. Before overlooking them, you should count on the tips discussed above to determine whether you avail some excellent opportunities from these keywords or not. By following the tips, you will be able to explore some unique keywords, which will pay you off both in the form of traffic and conversions.

What are you waiting for? Think Smart, Act Fast!

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